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We understand that each case is unique and cannot be assigned a “one-size” fits all approach. Great care is taken to ensure that our clients have an understanding of their case strategy, the options available to them, and any potential challenges that might be encountered. When you call us, you speak directly to the attorney. We strive to keep you at ease and informed every step of the way.
We believe in communication and  creating a streamlined and efficient client experience through technology.
I pride myself on getting to know my clients and building relationships with them.

Hi, I'm Obi

Founder, Ikeme Law

Hi! I’m Obi, the founder of Ikeme Law. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and providing small businesses with the tools to protect, grow, and monetize their brands. You are not just building a business, you are building your legacy.

I’ve worked in a variety of settings from non-profits to the federal government. My diverse professional background means that I think creatively and outside the box.

‍When I’m not advocating for my clients, you can find me trying out new restaurants, experimenting with meals at home, taking pictures, or traveling the world.  

I understand firsthand what it means to start afresh in a new country.
My Immigration Story

I Have Been In Your Shoes

I am a proud immigrant and the daughter of an immigrant. As such, I understand firsthand what it means to start afresh in a new country. To adjust to a new culture and way of life. To work hard to build a life I am proud of and that future generations will also be proud of.

I also understand that the constantly changing laws make navigating the immigration process complex and difficult to understand leaving people anxious and overwhelmed. A single error when filing out an application or not submitting the proper documentation can result in delays or in the worst-case scenario, a denial of your application.

At Ikeme Law, I help immigrants and their families navigate the U.S. immigration process to achieve their own version of the American dream.

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Whether you are seeking help securing immigration status or protecting your brand through a trademark, Ikeme Law is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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